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Welcome all Bleach fans who are looking for the Bleach inspired items. Bleach is a popular anime show that has managed to capture the attention of many fans. Thus Bleach merchandise has always been a symbol of bestselling. It is making its way into the lives of many people who are not even fans of the show. Bleach Merch has grown to sell all kinds of merchandise, from Clothes to Accessories and more. Although it is hard to find all kinds of Bleach related products in most places. But, we have it all!


The Hot TV Animation – Bleach


Bleach is a TV animation which is based on the manga Bleach by Studio Pierrot. The TV animation has been broadcasted on Tokyo TV network since October 5, 2004.


The Plot of Bleach


The hero Kurosaki is a juvenile who looks like violent and thin but he is a kind, brave and caring for his family guy in fact. And he can see the soul. His father is a doctor who runs a clinic. He has two sisters. He has to return home at seven o'clock every day, otherwise his father will give him a body language lesson. They have a quiet and normal life every day.


One day Lucia, the goddess of death was kicked into the corner by him and looked at him in surprise. The goddess asked "Can you see me?" The prologue of the cartoon was officially opened. Since then, everything has changed completely.


There are two kinds of souls in the world. One is called the whole soul, which is an ordinary soul. The other is the evil soul that attacks and devours the souls of both the dead and the living. The death god Lucia, told him that his job was to bury the soul and lead it to a place called the corpse soul world. For him everything was so unimaginable. He never thought that there would be death god in the world, and he had never seen or even heard of such a powerful human being. Without choice, he becomes the God of Death by getting the power from Lucia. So far, the fate of the two people was closely linked. Everything is the same, there is no choice!



Bleach Pillow


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Bleach Phone Case


The beauty you can see and the fashion you can touch - Bleach Phone Case


The Phone Case is a protective case for your phone that helps it stay in mint condition and acts as an extension of your personality. Stay on top of the latest Bleach trends with our phone case styles, which are made from the highest quality materials, and ensure that your phone is safe and secure! Protect your phone in style with a custom phone case. Choose your favorite Bleach photo, pattern, or design your own photo. Don't hesitate! That will be very cool!


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